RGP Designer is the new revolutionary tool
to design all types of Rigid Gas Permeable contact
lenses including lenses for Orthokeratology.

It has been designed to be extremely simple to use yet powerful thanks to
its intuitive web interface. RGP Designer is available as an affordable,
high quality, subscription based service accessible from any location, anytime.

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Your lenses like you never design before!

RGP Designer allows to design your reverse geometry and Orthokeratology lenses evaluating in real-time the fitting on the cornea through simulation.

You will be able to test different lens types by following the advices and guidelines offered by the software.

Use it with any device connected to a network, create as many projects you want, explore the pre-built lens template or define your owns, you will be able to export them and share.

Create fully customized
lenses with how many
curves you need.
Get started in few clicks!

Start your first project by defining the cornea surface with only few information from your topographer.

RGP Designer provides pre-built templates of lenses for any application which you will be able to adapt to reach the optimal correction.

The interactive chart of clearances will help to visually evaluate how the lens is fitting the cornea on both the flat and steep meridian.

Choose your plan!

For Professionals 11.59 €/Month (139.00 € for 12 months)
For Students 2.50 €/Month (30.00 € for 12 months)
For Universities Contact us for more information
about our special plans
for educational insitutions.